Closed data exchange network in a secured blockchain fabric

Fully utilize your data by integrating them into the data alliance. You get to share and monetize your data securely while retaining control of them.

Sentient Alliance
Sentient Data Alliance
Our Data Sharing Model
— The Future of Trust
Closed membership
Companies have to be invited and go through a selection process to prevent fraudulent behaviours.
Trusted members
Companies joining the alliance are thoroughly vetted to ensure high quality data provision that benefits the network.
Easy data discovery
Find the data you need easily and quickly with our tools.
Distributed ledger
Greater security due to its distributed nature.
Immutable smart contracts
No one can tamper or break a contract once it has been deployed. The code cannot be changed a party unilaterally.
Secured digital signatures
Provides proof of origin, identity and status of transactions in the ledger.
Encrypted data in motion
Data is protected while moving from one point to another, ensuring they are not tampered with.
Encrypted data API end points
Secured data API end points ensure that unauthorized personnel has no access to your API.