Our value
to enterprises
We provide unique benefits to enterprises by making scalability a core and enabling easy extension to your existing applications.
Sentient Team
We help you to
Speed up Business Innovation
Our platform is extensible by adding new AI micro-services as and when needed.
Reduce IT complexity
AI micro-services are managed from one point and exposed to enterprise applications via APIs.
Protect your existing AI investments
Existing AI services from multiple vendors may be containerized and plugged into the platform easily.
Enhance your existing applications
Connects existing enterprise applications to AI capabilities and data via APIs.
Build a highly scalable and available system
Our platform ships with industry open standard docker and kubernetes container technology.
Mission & Vision
We want to make AI
Everyone should benefit from Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Interaction between AI and people must be natural.
Building AI applications should be easy.
Meet our
Leadership Team
Christopher Yeo
Christopher Yeo
Founder / CEO

Chief architect behind Sentient, he leads with over 25 years of experience in the technology industry and and as an experienced technopreneur under his belt.

Liang Huiguang
Dr Liang Huiguang
Head of Science & Research

Specializes in social IoT, collaborative systems, sharing economies, and people analytics.

Priya Somasundaram
Priya Somasundaram
Engineering, Senior Director

Highly experienced in full-stack IT engineering and team leadership.

Eddie Leong
Eddie Leong
Operations, VP

Specializes in IT project / program management, application management

Linda Tan
Linda Tan
Business Development, VP

Specializes in general management, sales and marketing, strategic partnerships, trade alliance and business finance.

Gloria Tan
Gloria Koh
Corporate Development, VP

Specializes in Asia-Pacific retail market, business strategy and projections, trade operations, and marketing communications.